Tungsram ADV 
The Tungsram LED track light ADV range provides the perfect replacement for Halogen and Ceramic Metal Halide track lights. Offering up to 105lm/W energy efficiency and an advanced optic design, this solution offers a desired quality of light with great savings and long-life benefits. Available in a modular design with removable and interchangeable lighting components, this allows easy access to customization, combined with easy replacement this product offers a diverse track lighting solution for your needs.The range is compatible with 4 wire, 3 circuits track systems and complements a wide variety of architectural applications. This is an ideal solution for areas such as retail stores, art galleries, residential areas, schools, museum, offices, hospitality healthcare, etc.


Tungsram Tracklight LUX 
Precise accent lighting designed for retail applications, art galleries and museums. The Lux range track spot has a unique patented design, self cleaning lens and sleek appearance making it an attractive proposition for any project. Over 50% energy saving compared to Ceramic Metal Halide thanks to the high efficacy up to 100lm/W. This CR90 option with 3-step MacAdam ellipses offers high quality lighting for high end applications. The wide range of accessories and interchangeable lens options makes this a flexible and highly attractive option.

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NEW –  Tungsram Tracklight DALI LUX 
series of strip reflectors with elegant appearance and DALI regulation.
In arrival.

Tracklight DALI LUX-INFO

Tungsram Circuits track and equipment
Wide range of accessories for any situation or location.Easy and seamless cutting to any size.

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